What is a loan without certificates? how to get it

Formalities always involve a waste of time, and often additional costs. Non -bank cash loans offered by companies prove, however, that it is possible to provide services at a very high level, without the need to impose a number of complex formalities on clients . The leading product of this type is a loan without certificates. How does it look in practice and what do you need to do to get it?

Internet access is the basic condition for applying for quick loans without income certificates. However, there are loan companies such as Lisod Credit, in which you can also apply for a loan by phone. In this situation, registration to the company’s system and submission of the application takes place during the conversation with the consultant.

Loan without proof of evidence from Shorty Gold – what will we need?

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In both cases, you need a valid ID, the number and series of which you will need to provide on the registration form. We will also need a mobile phone as well as an e-mail address to which electronic correspondence covering the loan agreement will be sent. Importantly, Lisod Credit also grants loans to people who do not have their own bank account . A special offer for payday checks for HAMBOG was created especially for them. They allow you to collect an online loan in the form of cash at a branch of Polka or Bank Jenny.

And really, that’s all we’ll need. A quick loan without certificates is a service where you do not need to send scans of employment contracts or guarantees from your employer about your income. It is true that this is not a loan without verification, because the customer’s identity is verified by a bank transfer of PLN 0.01, free account checking using the Kontomatik system or showing an ID card during the HAMBOG check.

However, it is difficult to call this a complicated formality. Compared to banking procedures, this is nothing. In addition, the customer gets the loan decision quickly and the money is transferred to his account as quickly.

How then does the lender check the customer’s creditworthiness?

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In the case of offers, such as a loan without certificates or a loan without BMK, it is not that the customer’s creditworthiness is not taken into account. Non-bank loans are a safe financial service , which is why they are granted to customers who will be able to pay off their liabilities. For this reason, you must enter your monthly income form in the appropriate fields when registering. Their amount depends on whether we will be granted the loan amount specified in the application.

In the case of Lisod Credit offer

The first time we can get payday pay up to PLN 1,500 for a maximum period of 30 days. However, another loan can amount to as much as PLN 3,000 – also with the longest loan period of 30 days. It is worth taking advantage of this unique offer, which allows you to receive loans also to people without their own bank account.